The perfect course for those who want to start a career in Yoga & Wellness. 

Upon completion, candidates will receive 100 Level Certification from Yoga Alliance International (YAI) which certifies you to teach confidently anywhere in the world.   

Dr. Vaishnevi is an internationally acclaimed and certified Yoga Guru holding over 18+ years of experience in practicing Yoga and training people across the globe. She has been awarded a Ph.D. in Yoga in 2018 by the Governor of Tamil Nadu for her invaluable contribution and research in the field of Yoga Philosophy. She holds a Diploma in Teachers Training from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram traditions  and has trained 100+ teachers across various countries.  She is a certified Master Yoga Trainer from Yoga Alliances International 500 hrs and has been actively sharing her insights and knowledge of Yoga with all her students in India and abroad. She has also completed a special course on Pilates and human anatomy being trained under the top masters in Washington DC, USA.

Her journey with yoga started with a deep yearning to find her real self, her goals, and purpose on the earth. She found all her answers she got introduced to the concept of Yoga and unfolded new realities of life through her exploration. The quest of spreading awareness about the holistic approach of yoga therapy and changing the preconceived notions around Yoga being just a physical approach inspired her to extend her teachings to a larger crowd. Added to this, innumerable requests from her dedicated yoga students across the globe who wished to learn Yoga in the purest form based on the original ancient Indian scriptures, Academy of Yoga was born. Today, the Academy of Yoga has over 300+ happy and loyal clients globally. More than 65 teachers have been successfully certified in Yoga by the Academy. The philosophy of the academy is to reach the global seekers and learners through an online platform and impart a deeper knowledge of  yoga in the most authentic form.

Dr. Vaishnevi is known for her unique fusion of ancient wisdom of yoga and modern techniques to facilitate effective transformation for her clients. She also specializes in chakra meditation to help clients establish a connection between the mind, the body, and the soul. She also works extensively with expecting mothers through her prenatal yoga sessions to ensure happy and natural deliveries. Her vision through the Academy of Yoga is to help create awareness of the mind through body movements by linking it to the breath in order to attain utmost yoga transcendence. A constant learner, Dr. Vaishnevi is currently carrying out research on the workings of the mind and beyond.


  • 2 Months Course

    This is a 2 month course. We meet twice every week online, and by the end of the course, you'll be a 100 Level certified student.

  • Weekly Classes

    We will have 2 weekly LIVE classes. Every Tuesday & Thursday.

  • Class Duration

    Each class will be for 2 hours. From 10am to 12pm.

Take your first step towards learning yoga as a professional art

Practicals - 12 Sessions

Ashtanga - Asana practice. Study of 54 Asana practice.

15 Standing Asanas, 13 Lying Asanas, 6 Inverted Asanas, 5 Prone Asanas, 14 Seated Asanas

Pranayama - Mental Purification - 4 Sessions

  • Improves breathing

  • Helps in healing respiratory issues

  • Purification benefits.

Meditation / Dhyana - 4 Sessions

  • Improves Cognitive skills

  • Sharpens intellectual thinking

  • Expands your attention span

  • Increases concentration

  • Boosts self confidence

Relaxation Techniques
Yoga Nidra / DRT Therapy
4 Sessions

  • Prana Focus on breathing - Panchaprana

  • Yoga Nidra body scan

  • Guided meditation journey (imagery, lakes, nature, visualizations)

  • Mindfullness - stillness of mind

8 sessions - Fortnight Once in 15 days

20 minute practicals & 100min theory

Vedas & Ashtanga Yoga

Karma Theory

Course Planning - SSIPS

Koshas - 5 Sheath

Chakra Study & Activation

Yoga Sutra

Study of mind & different state of mind

Yogic diet & lifestyle

100 Level Yoga Alliance International Certificate

Teachers Training Certificate from Academy of Yoga

Required books & teaching manuals

Training handbook

Anne Sofie

Vaishnevi is a really good teacher of how to combine all parts of Yoga. Especially the 3 parts - body, mind and breathing.

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When can I get access to the program content?

You will get access to the program content instantly when you buy it. This allows you to start using it immediately.

When does the program start?

The program starts immediately after your registration. It is available for you to go through at your own pace. 

For how long will I have access to the program?

You'll have lifetime access for this course.

Will I receive anything in the physical mail or WhatsApp?

No. This product is 100% digital and all its contents are available here on our Online Academy. 

What do I need to start the program?

You need good internet connection to have the best experience with the course. Any working smartphone, tablet, or laptop and computer will do. Grab a notebook and pen if you want to take notes. Headphones are preferable for better audio clarity and attention.