In the 21st century, when everything is making us more anxious, we need to turn towards ancient practices that can bring us back to center. Yoga is the key to bring back the balance in our lives.

Take your first step towards learning yoga.

Academy of Yoga launches an online Yoga Teachers Training Course for beginners! Let's begin, beginners!

Internationally acclaimed & certified Yoga Guru Dr. Vaishnevi introduces the course structure which includes Introduction to Yoga Philosophy, learning about different asanas,  their benefits, the right way to perform each asana and a lot more interesting and informative insights from her journey with Yoga for more than 12 years as a Master Yoga and Pilates trainer.

Dr. Vaishnevi is an internationally acclaimed and certified Yoga Guru holding over 18+ years of experience in practicing Yoga and training people across the globe. She has been awarded a Ph.D. in Yoga in 2018 by the Governor of Tamil Nadu for her invaluable contribution and research in the field of Yoga Philosophy. She holds a Diploma in Teachers Training from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram traditions  and has trained 100+ teachers across various countries.  She is a certified Master Yoga Trainer from Yoga Alliances International 500 hrs and has been actively sharing her insights and knowledge of Yoga with all her students in India and abroad. She has also completed a special course on Pilates and human anatomy being trained under the top masters in Washington DC, USA.

Her journey with yoga started with a deep yearning to find her real self, her goals, and purpose on the earth. She found all her answers she got introduced to the concept of Yoga and unfolded new realities of life through her exploration. The quest of spreading awareness about the holistic approach of yoga therapy and changing the preconceived notions around Yoga being just a physical approach inspired her to extend her teachings to a larger crowd. Added to this, innumerable requests from her dedicated yoga students across the globe who wished to learn Yoga in the purest form based on the original ancient Indian scriptures, Academy of Yoga was born. Today, the Academy of Yoga has over 300+ happy and loyal clients globally. More than 65 teachers have been successfully certified in Yoga by the Academy. The philosophy of the academy is to reach the global seekers and learners through an online platform and impart a deeper knowledge of  yoga in the most authentic form.

Dr. Vaishnevi is known for her unique fusion of ancient wisdom of yoga and modern techniques to facilitate effective transformation for her clients. She also specializes in chakra meditation to help clients establish a connection between the mind, the body, and the soul. She also works extensively with expecting mothers through her prenatal yoga sessions to ensure happy and natural deliveries. Her vision through the Academy of Yoga is to help create awareness of the mind through body movements by linking it to the breath in order to attain utmost yoga transcendence. A constant learner, Dr. Vaishnevi is currently carrying out research on the workings of the mind and beyond.


Dr.Vaishnevi introduces the 5 modules course structure of the Online Teachers Training Programme. She explains how beginners should start their journey with Yoga and how important it is to practice asanas the right way. She also gives insights on how Yoga helps you become fitter, healthy and happy from within. For each of the asanas, she intricately explains the modifications and the mechanisms the learners should follow.

Taking the first step in a journey is the most important step. This introductory module helps you start exploring yourself through yoga. A series of simple asanas help you prepare your body and mind for a transformation. The flexibility of your body increases as the body strengthens itself while you perform these basic asanas. This module gives you and insights on the importance of the right body posture and the right way to perform different asanas. Your mind aligns with your physical body creating a sense of harmony in your inner world. You experience a willingness to transform as you feel happier and healthier throughout the asanas. Get in touch with your inner self, empower your body and uplift your spirits through these powerful asanas.

  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Integration of mind body and breath with movement
  • The true essence of Yoga and its benefits
  • Fundamental  asanas to begin with
  • The correct way to practice asanas
  • Modifications using props for different asanas

Standing upright is critical, both for the mind and the body. This module helps you hold yourself up and straight by aligning your energies and calming your mind. It includes a set of rejuvenating asanas to correct your posture and build a strong back, which you can bank on throughout your life. When the mind and the body are aligned, your soul is in harmony and bliss follows! Allow yourself to relax with these recharging asanas and experience the flexibility of your body increase each day. Shrug off all the negative elements and let all the stress vanish as your body replenishes itself through the benefits of these asanas. Feel the vibe of the oneness of your body, mind, and soul as you stand upright ready to live, ready to breathe in a happier and a healthier way. Make a choice to experience this today!

  • Understanding the mind-body-spirit connection
  • Importance of Posture correction
  • Benefits of regular Yoga Kriyas
  • Experiencing inner stillness

Even when you touch the sky, you need a strong base to come back to. This module introduces you to a series of asanas which help you strengthen the base of your body and mind. Observe your body getting stronger and endurance getting better as you practice these specific asanas. Feel grounded with your true self as your body gets your support and as your mind supports you. Connect with and absorb all the positive energies flowing around you and through you as you focus becomes sharper. Gain a sense of inner clarity and improve your communication with the body. Cultivate your mind to be able to provide all it takes to balance your inner and outer world. Get back to your base, today!

  • Improving the body-balance
  • Healing the body through inner prana-shakti
  •  Syncing the body with inner energy
  • Increasing confidence through Yoga
  • Connecting with your inner self
  • Exploring higher levels of consciousness

Strength is an indispensable element of our body and mind. This module helps you in strengthening your inner and outer world. Asanas in this module enable you not only to build strength at par but also develop endurance to deal with day-to-day activities better. Listen to your body and let your mind guide it to improve its overall stamina and immunity. Balance all the actions and reactions taking place in your body by training it to adhere to the natural designed processes of your system. Heal yourself internally and experience the transformation externally as well.  Pain is to let go and to learn to reboot your body and the mind to unleash your true potential.  Experience a life beyond imagination as you transform your reality through inner consciousness. Start living through the magic, today!

  • Strengthening your body functions
  • Regulating your inner architecture
  • Improving overall Stamina
  • Power of Yoga Kriyas
  • Listening to the subconscious self

The destination is important but the journey is more important. This last module gives you a chance to look back at your journey with yoga as a beginner and helps you relive your experiences as.  This is a compilation of all 36 asanas to guide you from time to time as and when you need it. Each time you feel like reliving your journey of transformation, come back to these rejuvenating asanas and cherish your inner and outer world experiences a little more. Explore your being and redefine your existence and identity throughout this journey. Achieve a sense of unison of all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties, helping you to live a fulfilled and enriching life. Unplug, rewind, and restart your journey to a new life, today!

  • Performing all 36 Asanas anytime, anywhere
  • Develop a sense of inner clarity
  • Coordinating  with the mind better
  • Rejuvenating and enriching journey
  • Achieving  inner calmness and serenity
  • Feeling fulfilled and blissful

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Anne Sofie

Vaishnevi is a really good teacher of how to combine all parts of Yoga. Especially the 3 parts - body, mind and breathing.

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You will get access to the program content instantly when you buy it. This allows you to start using it immediately.

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The program starts immediately after your registration. It is available for you to go through at your own pace. 

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You need good internet connection to have the best experience with the course. Any working smartphone, tablet, or laptop and computer will do. Grab a notebook and pen if you want to take notes. Headphones are preferable for better audio clarity and attention.